50% discount ! … on every Beauty "Kosmeta" cryo massage session ! Just 4,25 € only ! (5.4. - 6.5.2014)

This procedure is based on short-term effect of cool the skin. The procedure improves peripheral circulation, speeds up metabolism and promotes the delivery of essential vitamins, amino acids and trace elements in the skin. After a 15 minute session, the client feels the heat flow to the face as if something opened up and the skin begins to breathe! The procedure is recommended for:

- oily skin
- Increasing the capillary network
- acne
- hyperkeratosis
- tiny, flat warts
- pigmentation

The "Kosmeta" Beauty Salon offers you to undergo cryo massage for your health and beauty. This procedure really is for everyone! This cosmetic procedure is also recommended for adolescents who have problems with acne on their face. Your face blooms - becomes fresh! It's an Anti-Aging Procedure!

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